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Fig. 1

From: The binding specificity of Translocated in LipoSarcoma/FUsed in Sarcoma with lncRNA transcribed from the promoter region of cyclin D1

Fig. 1

The binding between full-length TLS and fragmented pncRNA-Ds. a The position of pncRNA-D and CCND1. The fragmented pncRNA-Ds are shown at the bottom. Black and white boxes indicate GGUG and GGU sequence, respectively. Since fragment 3 and 4 did not contain any GGUG or GGU motifs, we considered them as a negative control. b and c Western blot analysis were conducted with HeLa nuclear extract (NE). Seven fragmented pncRNA-Ds (b) and shortened fragment 1 and 7 (c) were incubated with HeLa NE, and the affinity between TLS and each fragment was examined by RNA pull down assay. Five and ten percent of the protein used for RNA pull down assays were loaded as input N = 5

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