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Fig. 5

From: Morphological, biochemical, transcriptional and epigenetic responses to fasting and refeeding in intestine of Xenopus laevis

Fig. 5

Epigenetic modifications on fabp1, fabp2, cdx2 and fxr genes in the intestines of fed, fasted and refed X. laevis. Chromatin samples were prepared from the intestines from the frogs that were fed for 22 days (fed), fasted for 22 days (fasted), or fasted for 21 days and then refed for 1 day (refed). Signals of ChIP on fabp1 (A, F, K and P ), fabp2 (B, G, L and Q), cdx2 (C, H, M and P), fxr (D, I, N and S) and rpl8 (E, J, O and T) genes were detected by qPCR following immunoprecipitation with antibodies against H3K36me1 (AE), H3K36me2 (FJ), H3K36me3 (KO), and RNAPIIS2P (PT). Primers used in qPCR are shown in Additional file 6: Table S3. Each value is the mean ± SEM (n = 8). Distinct letters denote significantly different means (p < 0.05). These experiments were repeated at least two times, with similar results

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