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Fig. 2

From: Morphological, biochemical, transcriptional and epigenetic responses to fasting and refeeding in intestine of Xenopus laevis

Fig. 2

The enzyme activities in the intestines of fed, fasted and refed X. laevis. Enzyme assays were conducted using the extracts obtained from the intestines of the frogs that were fed for 22 days (fed), fasted for 22 days (fasted), or fasted for 21 days and then refed for 1 day (refed). The activities were expressed as μmol hydrolysed substrates or generated products/min/g protein. A alkaline phosphatase; B aminopeptidase; C glucoamylase; D maltase. Values presented are mean ± SEM (n = 8). Different letters indicate significant differences between groups (p < 0.05). These experiments were repeated at least three times, with similar results

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