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Fig. 3

From: Vemurafenib-resistant BRAF selects alternative branch points different from its wild-type BRAF in intron 8 for RNA splicing

Fig. 3

Reconstitution of BRAF RNA splicing for wt and mt BRAF pre-mRNAs. a Diagrams of BRAF wt and mt pre-mRNAs with a native 5′ splice site (an 11-nt U1-binding site) from the intron 9 (pre-mRNA 1 and 3) or a consensus 11-nt U1-binding site (pre-mRNA 2 or 4) used for in vitro RNA splicing assays, with the length of exons and a truncated intron indicated in nts for each pre-mRNA. Positions of mutated nts in the BRAF intron 8 found in vemurafenib-resistant cells are indicated. b In vitro splicing assay result for BRAF pre-mRNAs. Identities of individual splicing products in a splicing gel are shown on the right

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