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Fig. 2

From: Vemurafenib-resistant BRAF selects alternative branch points different from its wild-type BRAF in intron 8 for RNA splicing

Fig. 2

Activation of BRAF exon 3^9 splicing in C3 SKMEL-239 cells. a Diagrams showing primers used for detection of BRAF exon 8^9 or exon 3^9 RNA splicing by RT-PCR and point mutations in the intron 8. b RT-PCR detection of the constitutive BRAF exon 8^9 splicing in wt SKMEL-239 cells and the alternative BRAF exon 3^9 splicing in vemurafenib-resistant C3 SKMEL-239 cells. GAPDH RNA was used as a loading control. RT-PCR products were gel-purified and sequenced. The splicing junction of each product is shown on the right chromatograms

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