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Fig. 1

From: Identification of acetyltransferase genes (HAT1 and KAT8) regulating HBV replication by RNAi screening

Fig. 1

RNAi screening reveals acetyltransferases regulate HBV replication. a Flowchart of RNAi screening. b The relative HBsAg after screen. HepG2.2.15 cells were infected with lentiviral shRNA library. HBsAg was measured by ELISA and cell growth was determined by MTS assay at 96 h after infection. The relative HBV level is given by the ratio of HBsAg/MTS. c Relative levels of pgRNA after screen. pgRNA was measured by qRT-PCR at 72 h after infection. The lentiviral vector served as a negative control and, KAT5 shRNA lentivirus served as a positive control, as it was reported that KAT5 bound to HBV cccDNA and regulate HBV replication

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