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Fig. 6

From: Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor exacerbates hematopoietic stem cell injury after irradiation

Fig. 6

G-CSF treatment increased TBI-induced p38 expression and senescence in HSCs. Mice received vehicle or G-CSF treatment twice a day for 7 days after exposure to 0 or 4 Gy TBI as illustrated in Fig. 1a. The BM cells were collected after the mice were killed 1 month after receiving various treatments, and then p38 activation in HSCs (lineage-ckit + scal +, LKS +) was analyzed by flow cytometry. a Representative flow cytometric analysis of phosphorylated p38 (p38) in HSC cells, b the percentages of p-p38 positive cells under various treatment conditions are presented as mean ± SE (n = 5), c the levels of p16mRNA expression in sorted HSCs were analyzed by RT-PCR and are expressed as mean ± SE of fold changes compared to control (n = 3)

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