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Table 1 Summary of lncRNA analyzed by several biochemistry approaches

From: Unveiling the hidden function of long non-coding RNA by identifying its major partner-protein

LncRNAs RBP Biological function Methods Ref
ANRIL PCR2, PCR1 Influences p16 INK4a gene expression and cell senescence CLIP [38]
Air G9a Targets G9a in cis for imprinting CLIP [57]
Fendrr PRC2, WDR5 Regulates gene in cis and in trans RIP [29]
FIRRE hnPNPU Modulation of nuclear architecture across chromosomes RAP [58]
HOTAIR PCR2, LSD1 Silences transcription in trans via its modular architecture RNA pull-down [37]
Hottip MLL-WDR5 Activates gene expression via chromosomal looping RIP [59]
lincRNA-p21 hnRNP-K Mediates p53-dependent gene repression RNA pull down-MS [31]
MALAT1 PSPC1, PSF, PURA Sequesters splicing factor to regulate alternative splicing CHART-MS [60]
NEAT1 PSPC1, SRSF1, ESRP2 Plays roles in RNA processing and transcriptional regulation CHART-MS [60]
Rox1 MLE, MSL Mediates X chromosome upregulated to rescue male lethality dChIRP [61]
TERC TCAB1 Functions as the template and scaffold for the telomerase complex ChIRP [47]
Xist 81 proteins (Hnrnpk, Spen) Mediates chromatin modifications and Polycomb targeting ChIRP-MS [62]
Xist 10 proteins (SHARP, HDAC3) Interacts directly with SHARP to silence transcription through HDAC3 RAP-MS [63]