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Fig. 2

From: MicroRNA-720 promotes in vitro cell migration by targeting Rab35 expression in cervical cancer cells

Fig. 2

Identification of miR-720 targets. a Microarray assays were performed on HEK293T cells transfected with pre-miR-720 and the pre-miR-control. The red dots represent genes upregulated with a ≥2-fold change, the green dots represent genes downregulated with a >0.5-fold change, and the gray dots indicate genes with expression levels ranging from −0.5-fold change to +2-fold change in the scatterplot. b The Venn diagram shows the relationships between the mRNA microarray and two miRNA-target prediction algorithms on the quantity of miR-720 targets. The TargetScan program and the miRanda program predicted that 827 candidate genes and 1328 candidate genes, respectively, were possible targets of miR-720. Expressions of 192 genes in HEK293T cells were changed ≥2-fold with a p value cut-off of 0.05 by ectopic expression of pre-miR-720. Among these 192 genes, 14 and 20 were predicted by TargetScan 5.1 and miRanda, respectively. Among these 20 genes, 10 were classified as the intersection targets. c The heat map shows the change in expression levels of 10 genes with overexpression of miR-720

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