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Fig. 4

From: Deoxyinosine repair in nuclear extracts of human cells

Fig. 4

MuL-α complementation assay for Hct116 extracts. Heteroduplex A-I, C-I, G-I, T-I, 3′G-T and 5′G-T (21 fmol) as indicated were incubated with 90 μg Hct116 extracts in the absence (white bar) or presence of 50 ng (gray bar) or 100 ng (black bar) of human MutL-α recombinant protein. Repair of 5′G-T with HeLa was included as a control. Each data-bar corresponds to the average and standard deviation (error bars) from at least three independent reactions. **p < 0.01 versus addition of exogenous MutL-α (Student’s t test)

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