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Fig. 7

From: Characterization of novel carcinoma cell lines for the analysis of therapeutical strategies fighting pancreatic cancer

Fig. 7

Characterization of carcinomas by H/E staining during the late phase of tumor growth. ac Histological images of carcinomas, which were derived from 6606PDA, 6606l, or 7265PDA cells, show cells with epithelial morphology on day 21 (arrows). df Representative histological images of carcinomas, which were derived from the indicated cell lines, show that the carcinomas are mostly encapsulated by fibroblast like cells (arrowheads). gi In few locations lack of encapsulation was observed in 6606PDA (g) or 6606l (h) but not in 7265PDA (i) derived carcinomas (selected histological images). Number of tumors analyzed: n = 6 for 6606PDA; n = 5 for 6606l, n = 1 for 7265PDA (2 independent experiments). Bar 100 μm

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