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Table 1 Subcellular localization of HIV-1 proteins in mammalian and fission yeast cells

From: Molecular characterization of HIV-1 genome in fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe

HIV-1 protein Subcellular localization
Mammalian (references) Fission yeast (this study)
Gag Cytoplasmic membrane [51] Cytoplasm
P17 Cytoplasm, membrane [52] Cytoplasm
P24 Cytoplasmic membrane [53] Nucleus and cell membrane
P7 Nucleus [54] Nucleus
P6 Cytoplasmic membrane [55] Throughout cella
P66 Cytoplasm [56] Nuclear > cytoplasm
P51 Cytoplasm [56] Cytoplasm
Integrase Nucleus [57] Nuclear > cytoplasm
Protease No report found Throughout cell
Gp120 No report found Nuclear > cytoplasm
Gp41 No report found Nuclear > cytoplasm
Vpr Nucleic membrane [48] Nucleus [58]
Vpu Cytoplasm [59] Cytoplasm
Vif Nucleus [60] Nucleus
Nef Cytoplasm [61] Throughout cella
Rev Nucleus [62] Nucleus
Tat Nucleus [63] Nucleus
  1. aDifferent subcellular localization pattern was observed.