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Figure 8

From: Tip110 binding to U6 small nuclear RNA and its participation in pre-mRNA splicing

Figure 8

Tip110 global regulation on alternate pre-mRNA splicing and validation of Tip110-regulated four splicing factors. a Hela were transfected with Tip110-specific siRNA and the control siRNA. Cells were harvested for RNA isolation, the RNA was used for RNA-Seq. Panther pathway analysis was performed to group the total of 17,498 genes with changes in alternate pre-mRNA splicing. b Four splicing factors were down-regulated at the mRNA level from RNA-Seq. c qRT-PCR was performed to validate these four mRNA expression from Hela and 293T that were either transfected with Tip110 expression vector and siRNA for Tip110. cDNA3 was included as the control for Tip110; siRNA control was included as the control for Tip110 siRNA. The fold changes were calculated using the control as the reference (b, c).

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