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Figure 1

From: Tip110 binding to U6 small nuclear RNA and its participation in pre-mRNA splicing

Figure 1

Identification of U6 as a Tip110 binding RNA target. a Scheme of the yeast three-hybrid cloning strategy. LexA BD-MS2: LexA DNA binding domain fused with phage coat protein MS2; MS2 RNA–RNA library: the target RNA sequence of MS2 protein was fused to a pool of RNAs transcribed from human genomic DNA; Gal4 AD-Tip110: Gal4 activation domain fused to Tip110 protein. Respective binding of MS2 protein to MS2 target RNA and Tip110 protein to its putative RNAs leads to activation of LacZ and His reporter genes. b Sequences of RNA hits obtained from the yeast three-hybrid screening using Tip110 as the bait. The consensus sequence was matched to small nuclear U6 RNA at nucleotides 34–46.

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