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Fig. 1

From: Hypoxia induces calpain activity and degrades SMAD2 to attenuate TGFβ signaling in macrophages

Fig. 1

Hypoxia attenuates TGFß-induced SMAD2 phosphorylation in macrophages. Time-dependent Western blot analysis b, d and the corresponding statistical evaluation a, c of SMAD2 a, b and SMAD3 c, d phosphorylation in human primary macrophages exposed to TGFß under normoxia (−; nor) or hypoxia (1 % O2; hy). Macrophages were exposed to TGFß under normoxia vs. hypoxia for 8, 16, and 24 h, followed by (e) Western blot analysis of total SMAD2 and SMAD2 phosphorylation and corresponding statistical analysis f, g. Tubulin served as a loading control

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