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Figure 4

From: A 2-methoxyestradiol bis-sulphamoylated derivative induces apoptosis in breast cell lines

Figure 4

Apoptosis induction by EMBS exposure. Apoptosis induction was also verified using flow cytometry, propidium iodide and annexin V-FITC. Vehicle-treated MCF-7 (A), MDA-MB-231 (B) MCF-12A cells (C), EMBS-treated MCF-7 (D), MDA-MB-231 (E), MCF-12 A cells (F) and actinomycin D-treated MCF-7 (G), MDA-MB-231 (H) and MCF-12A (I). Treated cells demonstrated decreased cell viability accompanied by an increase in cells undergoing late apoptosis and necrosis when compared to vehicle treated cells. Actinomycin D-treated cells used as a positive control for apoptosis induction resulted in decreased cell viability and apoptosis induction. FL3 log (propidium iodide) was represented on the x-axis and FL1 log (FITC) was represented on the y-axis.

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