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Figure 2

From: The expression profile of Aedes albopictus miRNAs is altered by dengue virus serotype-2 infection

Figure 2

Differential expression of miRNAs in control and infected Ae. albopictus mosquitoes. (A) Heat map of the miRNAs. Highly expressed miRNAs are indicated in red, and miRNAs with low expression are indicated in green. The absolute signal intensity ranged from 0 to 3. (B) Scatter plot of up- and down-regulated miRNAs in control and infected mosquitoes. Each point in the figure represents a miRNA. The X and Y axes show the expression levels in control or infect samples. The red points represent up-expressed miRNAs with a ratio >2, the blue points represent equally-expressed miRNAs with a ratio ≥1/2 and ≤2, and the green points represent down-expressed miRNAs with a ratio <1/2.

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