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Figure 4

From: Int6 reduction activates stromal fibroblasts to enhance transforming activity in breast epithelial cells

Figure 4

INT6 repression may induce MMT. (A) HMFs were transfected with control or anti-INT6 siRNA for 3 days, and their lysates were analyzed by Western blots to detect the indicated proteins. Shown here is a representative experiment in which levels of mesenchymal markers increased when INT6 was silenced. Protein levels normalized to GAPDH in the control cells were set to 1. (B) Human MSCs were incubated in conditioned medium from MDA-MD-231 cells for 10 days before they were analyzed by Western blot to detect α-SMA and Int6 as in panel A. (C) Protein levels of α-SMA and Int6 in control or INT6-repressed MSCs were measured by Western blot over time (left). The data from day 5 are shown as an example (right).

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