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Figure 5

From: Up-regulation of the Hippo pathway effector TAZ renders lung adenocarcinoma cells harboring EGFR-T790M mutation resistant to gefitinib

Figure 5

Knockdown of TAZ in PC9/GR suppresses cell migration and invasion. (A) Wound-healing migration assay for PC9/GR cells expressing shNC, shTAZ1 or shTAZ2. The healing of wounds by migrated cells at time 0 and 24 h was imaged. PC9/GR cells expressing shNC migrated faster than PC9/GR cells knocking down TAZ. (B,C) The migration (B) and invasion (C) of control, PC9/GR cells expressing shNC, shTAZ1 or shTAZ2 were assessed by transwell assay and matrigel invasion assay. The migration and invasiveness of TAZ-knocked-down PC9/GR cells decreased 52% - 63% and 53% - 62%, respectively, compared with control cells. Results are expressed as means ± SEM from three independent experiments (** P<0.01, *** P<0.001). Statistical analyses were carried out using Student’s t-test.

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