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Figure 5

From: Nanog down-regulates the Wnt signaling pathway via β-catenin phosphorylation during epidermal stem cell proliferation and differentiation

Figure 5

Expression of β-catenin and Nanog in EpSCs infected with lentivirus. Real-time PCR analysis of Nanog mRNA (A) and β-catenin mRNA (B) were obtained at different time points (day 1- day 12) in the control, control lentivirus vector infected group and transduced group. The results showed that there were no significant differences between the control and control lentivirus vector infected group. However, significant differences existed in the transduced group with the control on or after day 3(*P < 0.05). At day 12, protein of Nanog and β-catenin were also detected (C). The bands of both proteins in each group were analyzed quantitatively (D and E). Western blot results were similar to q-PCR results (Con: control; LV: control lentivirus vector infected group; LV-Nanog: transduced group).

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