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Figure 3

From: Tetrandrine is a potent cell autophagy agonist via activated intracellular reactive oxygen species

Figure 3

3-methyladenine (3-MA) or chloroquine (CQ) blocked tetrandrine-induced autophagy. (A) Autophagy analysis in MCF-7 and HFF cells treated with tetrandrine by acridine orange staining assays after a 1-hour pretreatment with 1.5 mM 3-MA. Error bars represent ± SD, **p < 0.01. (B) Western blot analysis of LC3-II protein levels before treatment or in the absence of 1.5 mM 3-MA in MCF-7 and HFF cells. (C) Western blot analysis of LC3-II, p62 and CTSD protein levels treated with tetrandrine for 24 hours after a 1-hour pretreatment with 15 mM CQ.

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