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Figure 1

From: Effect of advanced glycosylation end products on apoptosis in human adipose tissue-derived stem cells in vitro

Figure 1

Characterization of ADSCs and the effect of AGE-HSA on CD105 and CD90 expression in ADSCs. (A) Representative image of isolated ADSCs on the first day. (B) Adherent ADSCs 3 days after plating, showing a spindle shape. (C) After 10 days, most of the ADSCs exhibited fibroblast-like morphologies and had reached near-confluence. Scale bar is equivalent to 50 μm. (D) Passage 3 ADSCs were labeled with antibodies or matching isotype controls against the indicated antigens and analyzed by flow cytometry to obtain representative immunophenotypes. FACS showed that ADSCs expressed CD105 and CD90, but not CD34, CD14, CD45 or HLA-DR. AGE-HSA altered CD105 and CD90 expression in ADSCs.

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