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Figure 5

From: Expression of a Y-located human proto-oncogene TSPY in a transgenic mouse model of prostate cancer

Figure 5

Schematic diagram illustrating potential patterns of human prostate cancer development and the neoplastic prostate growth in LADY mouse. A, Human prostate cancer originates from prostate epithelial cells; either basal cells or luminal cells [5153]. Although primary prostate cancer is regarded as multifocal, advanced prostate cancer is postulated to be monoclonal [3]. Cancer associated stromal cells proliferate in the oncogenic processes [60]. B, In the LADY-mouse prostate, ubiquitously expressed T-antigen oncogene enables various types of cells, including stromal cells, to be hyper-proliferative and oncogenic in multiple regions. As the results, cancer could originate from multiple types of progenitor cells.

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