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Figure 6

From: Traditional Chinese medicinal formula Si-Wu-Tang prevents oxidative damage by activating Nrf2-mediated detoxifying/antioxidant genes

Figure 6

Induction of Hmox-1 and Slc7A11 gene expression in rat liver (A, B) and mammary gland (C, D) after oral administration of curcumin or SWT to the rats. A daily oral dose of either vehicle control (corn oil), curcumin 200 mg/kg, SWT 250 mg/kg or SWT 1000 mg/kg were administered to female Sprague–Dawley rats (approximately 12 weeks of age, 208 to 215 grams) (n = 5) for six consecutive days. Liver and mammary gland tissues were homogenized and real-time RT-PCR was used to study Hmox-1 and Slc7A11 gene expression. *: p < 0.05.

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