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Figure 4

From: Traditional Chinese medicinal formula Si-Wu-Tang prevents oxidative damage by activating Nrf2-mediated detoxifying/antioxidant genes

Figure 4

Upregulation of Nrf2 and HMOX-1 (HO-1) at protein levels by SWT or z-LIG. A . Western blot analysis of Nrf2 in MCF-10A treated with SWT or z-LIG. B . Western blot analysis of HO-1 in MCF-10A treated with SWT or z-LIG. MCF-10A cells were seeded at a density of 5 × 105 cells per well in a 6-well tissue culture plate and treated with SWT or z-LIG for 24 hours. Protein was extracted and ran in polyacrylamide gels. The experiment was repeated at least twice and obtained consistent results. Mean intensity value was normalized to β-actin, then to untreated control. HEK293 cells treated with or without 50 uM Arsenic for 8 hours were used as positive/negative controls (not included in graph).

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