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Figure 2

From: Epithelium-Specific ETS (ESE)-1 upregulated GP73 expression in hepatocellular carcinoma cells

Figure 2

ESE-1 and GP73 expressions were triggered during liver inflammation in vivo . The mouse liver inflammation model was constructed by intraperitoneally injecting LPS (35 ng/kg) and D-galactosamine (250 mg/kg). (A) The levels of ALT and AST in mice sera were measured by full automatic blood analyzer at different time points during liver inflammation. (B) The mRNA levels of mouse ESE-1 and GP73 in liver tissues were measured with qPCR. (C) Mouse GP73 expression levels in liver tissues were analyzed at 0 and 24 h by accomplishing immunohistochemistry. Black arrows depicted the location of GP73 protein.

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