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Figure 2

From: High-resolution chromosomal microarray analysis of early-stage human embryonic stem cells reveals an association between X chromosome instability and skewed X inactivation

Figure 2

Heterozygosity of the HUMARA gene in hESC lines. The polymorphism patterns of the HUMARA gene in the hESC lines show that (A-F) 6 cell lines have two different HUMARA alleles, indicating that they are heterozygous at the HUMARA locus: hES-20, hES-25, hES-26, hES-27, hES-35 and hES-39; (G-I) the other 3 cell lines have only one HUMARA allele, indicating that they are homozygous at the HUMARA locus: hES-12, hES-33 and hES-34. X-axis indicates the size (bp) of DNA product.

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