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Figure 5

From: Combination therapy of anti-cancer bioactive peptide with Cisplatin decreases chemotherapy dosing and toxicity to improve the quality of life in xenograft nude mice bearing human gastric cancer

Figure 5

ACBP-L or Cisplatin alone, or combined treatment induces molecules promoting cell apoptosis in vivo. (a) Paraffin embedded tumor specimens (n = 8/each group) were stained with HE and immunohistochemistry of Bax, Bcl-2, Caspase 3, and Caspase 8, (low magnification 40X, high magnification 400X). (b) The quantitation of IHC scores were analyzed, the statistical significance was determined by Student t-test (p < 0.050), and data are presented as compared with control (*), ACBP-L (#), and Cisplatin treated group (+).

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