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Figure 1

From: Combination therapy of anti-cancer bioactive peptide with Cisplatin decreases chemotherapy dosing and toxicity to improve the quality of life in xenograft nude mice bearing human gastric cancer

Figure 1

ACBP-L exhibits anti-tumor activity against MGC-803 cancer cells in a dose and time-dependent manner in vitro. (a) ACBP-L suppressed MGC-803 gastric cancer cell proliferation at a dose-dependent manner by MTT assay measured at the absorbance of 490 nm (A = 490 nm) during 24 hr (left) and 48 hr (right) time points. The samples were measured in triplicates and the data were presented as mean ± standard deviation (SD). The median concentration of inhibition (IC50) at 24 hr is 28.50 μg/ml, and at 48 hr is 17.96 μg/ml. (b) ACBP-L inhibited cell growth and induced cell apoptosis in a dose dependent manner observed under light microscopy (400X). (c) Scanning electron microscopy showed cell membrane damage after 48 hr ACBP-L treatment (shown in two different fields). Scale indicates 10 μM.

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