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Table 3 Association of GRIK1 genetic polymorphisms with CAA complications in Taiwanese KD children by multivariate regression analysis

From: Genetic variants of glutamate receptor gene family in Taiwanese Kawasaki disease children with coronary artery aneurysms

GRIK1 genetic polymorphisms Odds ratio 95% CI p value
Full model (adjusted by fever duration and first IVIG used time)
  rs466013 2.12 1.22-3.65 0.011
  rs425507 2.16 1.26-3.76 0.009
  rs388700 2.16 1.26-3.76 0.009
  rs402280 1.89 1.09-3.21 0.028
  1. GRIK1, glutamate receptor, ionotropic, kainate 1; IVIG, Intravenous immunoglobulin; CAA, Coronary artery aneurysm; CI, confidence interval.
  2. Full model shows results from a logistic regression model including the indicated predictors, fever duration (days) and first IVIG used time (number of days after the first day of fever).
  3. Bold italic are significant at p value <0.05.