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Figure 1

From: Interleukin-6 is required for cell cycle arrest and activation of DNA repair enzymes after partial hepatectomy in mice

Figure 1

IL-6 production, Stat3 activation and mortality after PH. Eight to 10 week-old male IL-6 KO or WT mice were subject to 70% PH and then observed for 7 days or sacrificed at different time points. (A) Serum IL-6 levels were measured by ELISA. (B) Phosphorylated-Stat3 (p-Stat3) was measured by western blot. P-Stat3 expression was significantly increased in the liver of WT mice compared to IL-6 KO mice. (C) Animal survival during the 7 days after 70% PH was 100% for WT mice and 17% for IL-6 KO mice. SC injection of IL-6 in KO mice resulted in survival of 67%.

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