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Figure 1

From: Integrin αvβ6 and transcriptional factor Ets-1 act as prognostic indicators in colorectal cancer

Figure 1

Images of αvβ6 and Ets-1 immunohistochemistry staining in human colorectal cancer samples. αvβ6 staining was observed predominantly in the cell membrane. A-C the immunohistochemistry photomicrographs of integrin αvβ6. A: integrin αvβ6 weak staining, B: integrin αvβ6 moderate stainning, C: integrin αvβ6 high staining; Ets-1 mainly exhibited a nuclear and cytoplasmic immunostaining in tumor cells. D-F the immunohistochemistry photomicrographs of transcriptional factor Ets-1. D: Ets-1 weak staining, E: Ets-1 moderate staining, F: Ets-1 high staining.

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