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Table 2 Regulation of DNMT expression by miRNAs

From: Dysregulated transcriptional and post-translational control of DNA methyltransferases in cancer

Pathway Regulated regions DNMTs Cancer types References
miR-16c 3'-UTRs DNMT3B in vitro [80]
miR-26b ND DNMT3B breast cancer [78]
miR-29a 3'-UTRs DNMT3A/3B lung cancer [73]
miR-29b 3'-UTRs DNMT1/3A/3B lung, ALL and melanomas [73, 74]
miR-29c 3'-UTRs DNMT3A/3B breast, lung and melanomas [73, 75, 78]
miR-143 3'-UTRs DNMT3A colorectal [79]
miR-148a ND DNMT1 lung and pancreas [76, 77]
miR-148b ND DNMT3B breast cancer [78]
miR-152 ND DNMT1 pancreas [77]
miR-222 3'-UTRs DNMT3B in vitro [80]
miR-1632 3'-UTRs DNMT3B in vitro [80]
miR-1741 3'-UTRs DNMT3A in vitro [80]
  1. ND: non-determined.
  2. ALL: Acute lymphoblastic leukemia.