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Table 3 Effects of RNF39 haplotypes on plasma HIV-1 viral load in the Han Chinese Population in Taiwan

From: Ring finger protein 39 genetic variants associate with HIV-1 plasma viral loads and its replication in cell culture

Haplotypes (SNP1-SNP2/SNP1-SNP2) Genotype frequency (no (%)) HIV-1 viral load (log10 copies/mL, mean (interquartile range))a p-valueb
Ht1 (GG/GG, n (%)) 125 (73.5) 3.9 (2.6–6.4) 0.006*
Ht2 (GG/CA, n (%)) 43 (25.3) 4.2 (2.6–5.8)  
Ht3 (CA/CA, n (%)) 2 (1.2)  
  1. The asterisk and bold, emphasizing statistical significance at p < 0.017 (0.05/3).
  2. SNP1, rs3807032; SNP2, rs3807033.
  3. aThe HIV-1 viral load was measured in the peripheral blood when the patient was examined with the earliest HIV-1 antibody positive result. Any measurements taken after the initiation of antiretroviral therapy were not used in any analyses.
  4. bp-values were obtained using the unpaired Student’s t-test.