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Table 1 Functions of archaeal thermophilic viral ATPases

From: Adenosine triphosphatases of thermophilic archaeal double-stranded DNA viruses

Crenarchaeal Virus ORF NCBI/ENA reference sequence Postulated function Reference
Sulfolobus turreted icosahedral virus STIV b204 YP_025021.1 DNA packaging [37]
STIV2 b204 YP_003591106.1 DNA packaging [7]
Spherical PSV ORF582 (gp02) YP_015523.1 DNA packaging [38]
TTSV1 ORF1 (gp01) YP_164342.1 DNA packaging [39]
Bicaudaviridae ATV p529 (gp53) YP_319884.1 DNA entry [40]
p618 (gp66) YP_319897.1 MoxR-type chaperone [41]
Monocaudaviruses STSV1 ORF526 (gp69) YP_077262.1 DNA repair [42]
STSV2 ORF526 (gp48) YP_007348292.1 DNA repair [43]
SMV1 ORF503 CDF81345.1 DNA entry [44]
ORF307 CDF81374.1 DNA repair
ORF588 CDF81351.1 MoxR-type chaperone
Fuselloviridae ASV1 a232 (gp07) YP_003331412.1 Lon protease [45]
SSV1 b251 (p01) NP_039777.1 Lon protease [46]
SSV2 ORF233 (p03) NP_944455.1 Lon protease [47]
SSV4 ORF233 YP_001552190.1 Lon protease [45]
SSV5 ORF233 (gp12) YP_002221477.1 Lon protease [48]
SSV6 c234 (gp07) YP_003331457.1 Lon protease [45]
SSV7 a255 (gp06) YP_003331489.1 Lon protease [45]
SSVK1 a231 (p06) NP_963972.1 Lon protease [49]
SSVRH a247 (p06) NP_963931.1 Lon protease [50]
SMF1 ORF274 YP_007678010.1 Lon protease [51]
APSV1 ORF290 CCD22100.1 Lon protease [52]
Lipothrixviridae AFV1 ORF426 YP_003740.1 Lon protease [53]
AFV2 ORF425 (gp15) YP_001496940.1 Lon protease [54]
Rudiviridae ARV1 ORF210 (gp35) YP_001542652.1 ABC transporter [55]
  ORF443 (gp16) YP_001542633.1 Lon protease  
SIRV1 ORF440 (gp11) NP_666599.1 Lon protease [56]
SIRV2 ORF436 (gp18) NP_666552.1 Lon protease [56]
SRV ORF440 CAQ58449.1 Lon protease [57]
SMR1 ORF439 (gp08) YP_006990086.1 Lon protease [58]
Tadpole-shaped HAV2 ORF506 (gp04) YP_003773387 DNA repair [59]
  TPV1 gp02 YP_005271224.1 DNA replication [60]
   gp20 YP_005271242.1 ABC transporter  
   ORF560 AEY69051.1 DNA replication  
  1. Thermophilic archaeal viruses for which no ATPase domains were detected include the following with genome accession numbers <>. Ampullavirus ABV (EF432053), lipothrixviruses SIFV (AF440571), AFV3 (AM087121), AFV6 (AM087121), AFV7 (AM087122), AFV8 (AM087123), AFV9 (EU545650), Thermoproteus tenax virus TTV1 (X14855), Hyperthermophilic archaeal virus HAV1 (GU722196), Aeropyrum spring-shaped virus (HE681887), Aeropyrum pernix oxoid virus (HE580237) and Archaeal BJ1 virus (AM419438).