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Figure 2

From: Transcriptome profiling identifies ABA mediated regulatory changes towards storage filling in developing seeds of castor bean (Ricinus communis L.)

Figure 2

Gene Ontology functional enrichment analysis of unigenes differentially expressed in control vs ABA treated seeds. Unigenes were assigned to three categories: (A) cellular components: 1-cell, 2-cell part, 3-envelope, 4-extracellular region, 5- extracellular region part, 6-macromolecular complex, 7-membrane enclosed lumen, 8-organelle, 9-organelle part; (B) molecular functions: 1-antioxidant, 2-binding, 3-catalytic, 4-electron carrier, 5-enzyme regulator, 6-molecular transducer, 7-structural molecule, 8-translation regulator, 9-transporter; and (C) biological processes: 1-anatomical structure formation, 2-biological adhesion, 3-biological regulation, 4-cellualar component biogenesis, 5-cellular component organization, 6-cellular process, 7-death, 8-developmental process, 9-establishment of localization, 10-growth, 11-immune system process, 12-localization, 13-locomotion, 14-metabolic process, 15-multi-organism process, 16-multicellular organism process, 17-pigmentation, 18-reproduction, 19-reproductive process, 20-response to stimulus, 21-rhythmic process, 22-viral reproduction.

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