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Figure 4

From: Nanobiomotors of archaeal DNA repair machineries: current research status and application potential

Figure 4

The reorientation of NTD (in green) to the core domain in different RadA assemblies induced by conformational changes of SRM (in red) and PM (in blue). The core domains from four different assemblies are fixed to show the reorientation of NTD and conformational changes of SRM. A: Protomer in the ring structure of PfuRadA (PDB: 1PZN), B: Protomer in the right-handed filament of MvRadA (PDB: 1T4G). C: Protomer in the overwound right-handed filament of SsoRadA (PDB: 2BKE), D: Protomer in the left-handed filament of SsoRadA (PDB: 2DFL).

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