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Figure 1

From: Nanobiomotors of archaeal DNA repair machineries: current research status and application potential

Figure 1

(A) Structure of AfuXPB (PDB: 2FWR). The DRD domain implicated in DNA damage recognition is colored green and the two ATPase motors are in blue and orange. The cyan part shows the flexible thrum motif inserted in the HD2 domain. The RED motif, which may function to open dsDNA, is shown in red. (B) Structure of TaXPD-DNA complex (PDB: 4A15). The ATPase motors are shown in magenta and orange. Two domains are inserted into HD1: the 4FeS domain (green) and Arch domain (cyan). DNA is shown in yellow. (C) Structure of AfuHel308-DNA complex (PDB: 2P6R). The ATPase motors are shown in blue and orange. The other three domains are in magenta, cyan and black, respectively. The putative site for duplex DNA melting, β-hairpin, is shown in red.

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