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Figure 3

From: Expression and characterization of a soluble VEGF receptor 2 protein

Figure 3

GFP expression in pCMV6-rVegfr2- or pCMV6-truncated-rVegfr2-transfected HEK293 cells. 48 hours after HEK293 cells were co-transfected with the pCMV-gfp plasmid and pCMV6-truncated-rVegfr2 or pCMV6-rVegfr2 plasmids, GFP expression was examined under an inverted fluorescence microscope with a 10x objective. The concentration of transfected pCMV-gfp DNA was consistent in all experimental groups (0.10 μg/well and 4 × 104cells/well). A, Control group (transfected with 0.1ug/well pCMV-gfp only). B-D, transfected pCMV6-truncated-rVegfr2 plasmid with three different concentrations E-G, transfected pCMV6-rVegfr2 plasmid with three different concentrations. rVegfr2: rat-Vegf-receptor2. Scale bar: 1000 um.

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