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Figure 1

From: Complex roles of filamin-A mediated cytoskeleton network in cancer progression

Figure 1

Structure of human filamin-A protein. Filamin-A is a V-shaped homodimer. Each monomer is a protein of 2647 amino acids that contains 24 tandem repeats. Each repeat contains ~96 amino acids. Filamin-A can be divided into 3 major domains: F-Actin-Binding Domain (ABD), the filamin-A Rod regions: Rod-1 containing repeat 1–15 and Rod-2 containing repeats 16–23; C-Terminal Domain (FCTD) of repeats 16–24, containing major partner interaction domains. In the FCTD, a defined C-terminal filamin-A dimerization domain of ~65 amino acids is located in repeat 24, and a filamin-A hinge regions of about 34 amino acids is located between repeat 23 and 24, and between repeat 15–16

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