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Figure 5

From: Proteomic analysis of mismatch repair-mediated alkylating agent-induced DNA damage response

Figure 5

Protein networks analysis in TK6 nuclear extract. (A) Protein interaction Networks in TK6 nuclear extract. Protein phosphorylation and abundance data in TK6 nuclear were analyzed with the STRING database. A GO biological process analysis was performed to create two representative subgroups (“DNA damage and repair” and “Apoptosis”) If both protein expression and phosphorylation data were available, only information in phosphorylation was shown. (B) Kinase-substrate interaction networks in TK6 nuclear extract. NetworKIN algorithm was used to predict potential kinases for quantified phosphosites in “DNA damage and repair” and “Apoptosis” biological processes. The color of the phosphosites represented their alteration after MNNG treatment.

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