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Table 2 Summary of reported targeting motifs of LATS/NDR substrates

From: Regulation and functions of mammalian LATS/NDR kinases: looking beyond canonical Hippo signalling

Targeting motif Kinase(s) Target site
HVRGDpS LATS1/2 YAP on Ser61[29, 92]
HSRQApS LATS1/2 YAP on Ser109[29, 92]
HVRAHpS LATS1/2 YAP on Ser127[29, 92]
HLRQSpS LATS1/2 YAP on Ser164[29, 92]
HSRDEpS LATS1/2 YAP on Ser381#[29, 92]
HSRQSpS LATS1/2 TAZ on Ser66[93]
HVRSHpS LATS1/2 TAZ on Ser89[93]
HLRQQpS LATS1/2 TAZ on Ser117[93]
HSREQpS LATS1/2 TAZ on Ser311[93]
LRKTGpS LATS1 MYPT1 on Ser445[99]
GARRSpS LATS2 14-3-3γ on Ser59[55]
HVRTHpT LATS2 Snail1 on Thr203[100]
KRRQTpS NDR1/2 p21 on Ser146[45]
HRRILpS NDR1/2 AAK1 on Ser635[101]
HTRNKpS NDR/2 Rabin8(mouse) on Ser240[101]
HTRNKpS NDR2 Rabin8(human) on Ser272[102]
H XR XXpS/T   
  1. #S381 of YAP2 corresponds to S397 of YAP1.
  2. Note:
  3. PI4KB, Panx2, and Rab11fip5 sequences are not shown, since they are not yet confirmed as direct substrates of NDR1/2[101]. However, these three substrates also display the HXRXXS/T motif[101].