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Table 1 Overview of the regulation of mammalian LATS/NDR kinases by phosphorylation

From: Regulation and functions of mammalian LATS/NDR kinases: looking beyond canonical Hippo signalling

Kinase(s) Upstream kinase Site(s) Role of phosphorylation
NDR1/2 Auto-phosphorylation Ser281/Ser282 Essential for kinase activity[38, 41, 47]
NDR1/2 MST1/2 Thr444/Thr442 Crucial for kinase activity[38, 41, 43, 44]
NDR1/2 MST3 Thr442 Crucial for kinase activity[45, 46]
LATS1 Unknown mechanism# Ser909 Essential for kinase activity[48, 49]#
LATS1 MST1/2# Thr1079 Essential for kinase activity[48, 49]#
LATS1 Cdk1/cyclin B Thr490 Might play a role in mitosis[50]
LATS1 NUAK1 Ser464 Controls LATS1 protein stability[51]
LATS2 Aurora A Ser83/Ser380 plays a role in mitosis[5254]
LATS2 CHK1/2 Ser408 Plays a role in DNA damage signalling[55]
LATS2 PKA Ser172 Regulate LATS2 activity towards YAP[56]
  1. #The potential auto- and trans-phosphorylation events on LATS1/2 (on Ser909/Ser872 and Thr1079/Thr1041) are not yet dissected. Therefore, we can only predict here that MST1/2 mainly phosphorylate Thr1079/Thr1041 on LATS1/2, based on the reported conserved regulatory mechanism between MST1/2 and NDR1/2 in human cells[43, 44] and Hippo and Warts/Trc in fly cells[57].