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Figure 5

From: Scorpion venom peptide SPVII promotes irradiated cells proliferation and increases the expression of the IL-3 receptor

Figure 5

Influence of SVPII on IL-3R expression by M-NFS-60 cells. A. Normal culture condition: 10%FCM + rhM-CSF 62 μg/L); B. Low concentration of M-CSF: 10%FCM + rhM-CSF 15.5 μg/L; 1. Control: cells treated with solvent(PBS); 2. IL-3: cells treated with 10 μg/L IL-3; 3.SVPII: cells treated with 3 mg/L SVP II; 4. SVPII + IL-3: cells treated with 3 mg/L SVP II and 10 μg/L IL-3 simultaneously.

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