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Figure 2

From: Scorpion venom peptide SPVII promotes irradiated cells proliferation and increases the expression of the IL-3 receptor

Figure 2

Effect of SVPII on CFU count on 11th and 14th days in vitro (magnification: ×100). BM-MNCs (1 × 106 cells/mL) of BALB/C mouse were treated by: A: PBS (Control), B: cytokines (10 μg/L IL-3 and 62 μg/L rhM-CSF), C: 1 mg/L SVPII, D: 3 mg/L SVPII, E: 1 mg/L SVPII + cytokines, F: 3 mg/L SVPII + cytokines. Treated BM-MNCs were added into methyl cellulose half-solid medium and CFU was count on the 11th and 14th days.

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