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Table 1 GABAergic cortical interneuron subtypes

From: Development and specification of GABAergic cortical interneurons

Marker % Total GABA + Population Morphology Axonal targeting Firing pattern Origin
Parvalbumin (PV) 40 Basket cells Proximal dendrites/soma Fast-spiking Ventral MGE
Chandelier cells Axonal initial segment
Somatostatin (SST) 30 Martinotti cells Distal dendrites Bursting Dorsal MGE
5HT3aR 30 VIP+: Small bipolar Proximal dendrites Irregular-spiking, CGE
VIP-: Neurogliaform cells Other GABA neurons Fast-adapting
Late spiking accommodating
  1. Three markers account for nearly 100 percent of the GABAergic cortical interneuron population: parvalbumin (PV), somatostatin (SST), and 5HT3a receptor (5HT3aR). Outlined in this table are percentage of total GABA-expressing neurons, morphology, axonal targeting, firing pattern, and origin based on the type of marker expressed.