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Table 1 Components of the Smc complexes and regulatory proteins in different organisms

From: The Smc complexes in DNA damage response

  S. cerevisiae S. pombe H. sapiens
Cohesin Smc1 Psm1 Smc1
  Smc3 Psm3 Smc3
  Mcd1/Scc1 Rad21 Scc1/Rad21
  IRR1/Scc3 Psc3 SA1/STAG1,SA2/STAG2
Cohesin regulators Scc2 Mis4 NIPBL
  Scc4 Ssl3 MAU2/Scc4
  Eco1/Ctf7 Eso1 EFO1/ESCO1,EFO2/ESCO2
  Pds5 Pds5 Pds5A, Pds5B
  Rad61 Wpl1 Wapl
  - - Sororin
Condensins Smc2 (I&II) Cut14 CAP-E
  Smc4 (I&II) Cut3 CAP-C
  Brn1 Cnd2 CAP-H (I)
  Ycs4 Cnd1 CAP-D2 (I)
  Ycs5 Cnd3 CAP-G (I)
  - - CAP-D3 (II)
  - - CAP-G2 (II)
  - - CAP-H2 (II)
The Smc5/6 complex Smc5 Spr18/Smc5 Smc5
  Rhc18/Smc6 Rad18/Smc6 Smc6
  Nse1 Nse1 Nse1
  Mms21/Nse2 Nse2 Nse2
  YDR228W/Nse3 Nse3 Nse3
  Qri2/Nse4 Rad62/Nse4 Nse4
  YML023C/Nse5 Nse5 -
  Kre29/Nse6 Nse6 -