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Table 2 Gene/isoform expression summary

From: RNA-seq analysis of synovial fibroblasts brings new insights into rheumatoid arthritis

  Control RA Patients
Total Genes Expressed 12,977 13,445
Control Only 214  
RA Patients Only   682
Up-regulated (2-fold or greater difference)   122
Down-regulated (2-fold or greater difference)   155
  Known Isoforms
  Control RA Patients
Total Known Isoforms Expressed 20,647 21,102
Control Only 526  
RA Patients Only   981
Up-regulated (2-fold or greater difference)   343
Down-regulated (2-fold or greater difference)   262
  Novel Isoforms
  Control RA Patients
Total Novel Isoforms Expressed 42,124 42,171
Control Only 105  
RA Patients Only   152
Up-regulated (2-fold or greater difference)   561
Down-regulated (2-fold or greater difference)   520
  1. Genes, known isoforms and novel isoforms expressed in control synovial fibroblasts and synovial fibroblasts from patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Expression determined by Cufflinks, after normalization to a panel of housekeeping genes. The fold change is the ratio of RA FPKM to WT FPKM.