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Figure 8

From: Tombusvirus P19 RNA silencing suppressor (RSS) activity in mammalian cells correlates with charged amino acids that contribute to direct RNA-binding

Figure 8

TRBP is required for optimal sh-/si-RNA-mediated RNAi silencing. WT and TRBP−/− MEFs were transfected with expression plasmids for firefly (Fluc) and Renilla luciferase (Rluc) together with sh- /si-RNAs that target Fluc (sh-/si-Fluc) or a control irrelevant shRNA (shGFP, lane 1, left panel) or scrambled siRNA (lane 1, right panel). Increasing doses of expression plasmids for FLAG-P19 were also transfected into MEF cells. The results are averages from four independent experiments.

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