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Figure 8

From: GW501516-activated PPARβ/δ promotes liver fibrosis via p38-JNK MAPK-induced hepatic stellate cell proliferation

Figure 8

Expression of PPARβ/δ, PPARβ/δ target genes, inflammatory and fibrosis markers in human fibrotic livers. mRNA expression in biopsies from healthy (n=8) and fibrotic (n=12) human livers is shown. qRT-PCR analysis shows PPAR β/ δ mRNA expression, and mRNA expression of the PPARβ/δ target genes PDPK1, TGF β1, PLIN2 and PDK4 (A), the inflammatory marker MCP-1 (B), the fibrosis markers pro-COL1 α1 and pro-COL3 α1 and the HSC marker α-SMA (C) * = p<0.05, Student's t-test.

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